Thomas M. Nelson President, Eberhardt Properties, Inc.

MSI offers a range of services and has an extensive network of vendor relationships. They provide a balance between competitive pricing and high-quality work, and they have been valuable in providing information with short- and long-term asset management decisions.

Jennifer McDonough, Executive Administrative Assistant, St. Paul Heart Clinic

I really appreciate coming in each morning and finding things in order around the building…whether it be the sparkling coffee pots, to the clean conference room tables, to our ever-shiny floor…please pass on my thanks and appreciation. It is really the little things that add up.

Kevin Hastings, Senior RFM, CVS Pharmacy

Managed Services’ attention to detail and outstanding customer service has been greatly appreciated by CVS Pharmacy. As one of our primary general contractors they typically rate at the top of our scoreboard system for overall performance.

Scott Stokke, Director of Real Estate and Facilities, Northern Tool & Equipment Company, Inc

Follow up and timely communications are two of the key reasons we choose to use MSI for our needs. MSI has been a valuable partner, and I look forward to many years of working together in the future.

Jeff Phillips V.P., Technology & Operations, KARE-TV

KARE is a demanding challenge for an HVAC contractor. MSI has consistently delivered, year in and year out. During times of failure or emergency, response time is top-notch. MSI is always on-site quickly and takes care of the problem. I sleep well at night knowing KARE is well-maintained.