Who We Are

Managed Services, Inc. is a building maintenance service contractor that has served the Twin Cities and surrounding area since 1971.

We proudly provide maintenance and repair services that help facilities and companies maintain their daily operations without interruption. No matter what your project is, we take pride in exceeding your standard and accomplishing your goal.

Comprehensive Maintenance Services

We offer complete building maintenance services, including commercial HVAC system maintenance and repairs, janitorial cleaning services, general maintenance, tenant improvement and more.

Why Choose Us


Find the right person or team for your job. Our personnel have diverse and professional experience, and they’ll always be trained for the project at hand. Enlisting one person with the right skills for the job is more cost-effective than hiring someone who lacks the critical knowledge to perform his/her duties correctly and swiftly.

Customizable Options

Choose your personnel and service frequency based on your budget, building size, and specific requests. With our customizable service options, we’ll provide the appropriate employees to perform the work you request and when you request it.

Experienced and Trained Team

We don’t enlist several subcontractors. Instead, we provide personnel comprised of our own seasoned managers, supervisors, and technicians. These employees take ownership in the work they do and the company takes ownership in them resulting in very lengthy relationships.

Project Commitment

Our commitment to our clients’ satisfaction and full accountability has helped us succeed. We take pride in our work, and our employees take pride in their jobs. We’ll work with you to ensure we meet and exceed your quality, timeliness, and effectiveness standards for whatever project you have.

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